• How to assess the condition of a used product
    How to assess the condition of a used product
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    Getting a second hand product is always a smart decision to save on cost. But for buying second hand products you have to be an informative buyer and be able to assess the condition of the used product before buying. If you buy used product without assessing its condition before buying, there is every possibility that you will be landed with problems afterwards. The following tips may help to you assess the condition of a used product, especially electrical items.

    How to assess the condition of a used product

    1. Check documents

    Check papers to know the details of the first purchase for getting how long it has been with the earlier owner. This is very vital as there is no point in buying an age old used product that is likely to be problematic.

    1. Check performance

    Used products are put on sale when the owner wants to have a better one, or moving out somewhere and also when he wants to get rid of the lemon. One must, therefore, check performance of the used item to check how it is likely to perform in the future.

    How to assess the condition of a used product

    1. Look for any replacements

    Always look for if any parts or accessories have been changed. If you find that the product put on for sale has some parts other than OEM, we would not recommend buying it, as replacement parts can never be at par with the original ones.

    1. Check for cosmetic flaws

    Check for the cosmetic flaws like scratches dents on the surface. If, there are more cosmetic flaws, it sure that the product was not handled right by the previous owner and as such the condition of the product is likely to be poor.

    1. Take help of experts

    Whenever you are going to buy a used product, especially electrical items, it is better to take someone with you who knows the product best for assessing the condition.

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  • How to Buy Used Washing Machine and Fridge Freezers
    How to Buy Used Washing Machine and Fridge Freezers
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    The secondhand market is steadily growing and buying a used home appliance like a used Washing machine or a used Fridge Freezers is always a smart option if you want to save some money. But at the same time it is challenging too. If you are not cautious enough and do not make the most informative decision you are sure to land with a false economy. So, you have to be very careful about the worth of the used home appliances you are thinking to bring home. The following lines will give you some basics on buying used Washing Machine and Fridge Freezers.

    How to Buy Used Washing Machine and Fridge Freezers

    1. Buy from established retailer

    One should buy used Washing Machine and Fridge Freezers form a reputed retailer who guarantees that the product have been checked and meets all legal safety requirements as per the requirements of the Trading Standards Institute. Only the established retailers are aware of their responsibilities and, therefore, you can be sure of the used product you are buying.

    1. Check for the sellers guarantee

    You must check if the seller guarantees that the used appliance will work properly and also check if they have any return policy and the time period for that.

    1. Check Life of the appliances

    The new Washing Machines and Fridge Freezers usually have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years and during this period they require little or no maintenance. So you must check how old these are before buying, since there is no point in buying home appliances that have almost consumed their average life span.

    1. Consider running costs

    Old model washing machines and fridge freezers are generally less energy efficient.  So, you must do sufficient home work and buy the energy efficient models only to avoid ending up with higher running cost and a false economy.

    How to Buy Used Washing Machine and Fridge Freezers

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  • Used 3D TV – What to look for while buying
    Used 3D TV – What to look for while buying
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    With a wide range of 3D television sets, the manufacturers of home entertainment appliances have brought the 3D movies to the drawing room. And, as the technology is updating, tech savvy people sell their perfectly functioning 3D television sets for having a most modern set having the latest technology. And all these perfectly good units crowd the used 3D TV market.  If you want to save much on your entertainment budget you can buy a used 3D television set, but while buying the same you should consider looking into the followings.

    Used 3D TV - What to look for while buying

    • Technology involved: 3D TV is, in fact, not a special type of TV. It is rather a feature of a TV set having equipped with some specific technology. Generally a 3D TV can have passive polarized system or an active shutter system and 3D technology is available on LCD, LED and Plasma TVs.
    • 3D TV Glasses: It must have appropriate glasses and check whether those work perfectly. Because, when you have polarized system, you require glasses with polarized filters and for the active shutter system active shutter glass containing liquid crystal is needed. So you must check if the used TV has the corresponding viewing equipment. In general the people find it easier to wear passive glasses and hence it is better going for this type.
    • Check Brand: Branded 3D TV sets always give a better 3D viewing experience with clear and sharp images and the budget TVs lack in this respect. So, while buying a used 3D TV you should opt for the reputed brands only.
    • Check for warranty: It is always best if you can find a used TV that is still under warranty period. You must also check the condition of the TV and it is better to have some demonstration to check if you are comfortable with it.

    Used 3D TV - What to look for while buying

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  • Used Home Appliances – Good Or Bad
    Used Home Appliances – Good Or Bad
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    Whether the home appliance you had for so many years has gone berserk or you need to update any of your existing home appliances, buying from the used home appliance market can always be an option. Whether used appliances are good or bad practically depends on how informative buyer you are. It is always better to know the positive and negative aspects of buying a used home appliance and following tips will guide you on the basic aspects of buying used home appliances.


    • Used Home AppliancesAdvantage of a new product: Although, you have to pay higher prices for getting a new home appliance like Fridge Freezers or Television sets or Microwaves or Washing machines, you enjoy the manufacturer’s warranty and free or discounted home deliveries.
    • Risk of buying a used home appliance: Buying a used home appliance always has certain amount of risk involved. Though the used appliances market vouch for quality and reliability, it is very hard to ensure and therefore you must do good homework before buying any used home appliance.
    • Low Investment: Used home appliances always cost a fraction of the new models and it can be very good proposition for the starters.
    • Consider life span: All major home appliances have a long life span and needs little or no maintenance. Usually fridge lasts for 10 to 15 years without any trouble. Still, people opt for changing these for various reasons relocation or re-modeling of kitchen etc. If can garb on such fridge that has many more years life span left for a fraction of the price of a new one, then it is a really good deal.
    • Trusted models are reliable: To minimize the risk of buying used home appliance one should always go for trusted models only. These always have assured quality and are therefore less likely to be dead suddenly.
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  • Tips on Finding a Good Second Hand Product
    Tips on Finding a Good Second Hand Product
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    So, looking for a second hand product to save a bit of money? Apparently it makes sense; but it is better to be cautious. Buying second hand products is always a smart choice if you happen to be an informative buyer. The following tips will help you in buying second hand product.

    second hand products

    1. Choose the where to buy

    The first thing in purchasing a second hand product is to find where to buy from. This is a great question, because there are many shops and not all of them sell genuine products. It is, therefore, vital to find a shop that gives correct information about the secondhand product.

    1. Take time but buy quickly

    Buying a second hand product can be like a scavenger hunt. This sector contains many lemons what the previous owner got rid of. So, you must take time to find a product that is worth of its value and when you get what you are looking for, you must not delay grabbing it.

    1. Look for authenticity

    In case you are looking to buy a secondhand product, you must go for a reputed brand and ask for valid documents showing date of the first purchase from the showroom for knowing the exact period of earlier use.

    1. Assess the condition

    When buying a second hand product you must assess its condition and wherever possible should insist for a free demo before buying the product. This is a must as the secondhand products do not carry any warranty of the manufacturer unless these are resold just after the first purchase.

    1. Check all fittings

    Some amount of risk is always associated with purchasing any secondhand product. As such, be sure to check all fittings and accessories when buying any second hand electrical appliances so that your peace of mind is not shattered afterwards.

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